Note 1:

We recommend  to download ZOOM app before clicking on the link. Clicking on the link will take you to ZOOM app and you will be lined up for consultation. You may need to wait at the waiting room for some minute before assistant of the Doctor admits you to the Doctors virtual room.
For assistance call at 6000913778

Note 2:

For the patient want to send some reports to the Doctor before hand for his information. The reports must be send before start of consultation by email at
Mentioning name of the patient is mandatory on the email.

Note 3:

Doctor after consultation, shall write his prescription on his Doctors Pad, which shall be collected by ANYMEDS and send to the customer through email and by courier. Customer can order directly the medicine that is prescribed by the Doctor on consultation on ANYMEDS Online Pharmacy and the customer will get 10% Discount on all the Medicines.

For a good video experience, please do followings

  • Fix the mobile phone in stand or on a fixed place
  • Sit in a noise free place
  • Download ZOOM app before clicking on the above “START CONSULTATION” button.
  • Start consultation button will redirect to ZOOM app. Click continue when promted.
  • Submit security key received on SMS when asked for.

Helpline: +91 60009 13778